Friday, April 8, 2011

Final Story

Final story
Stu Daly
         It all started one hot day in June, I was sitting in my room minding my own business when I heard someone knock at my door so I went up to see who it was not thinking much about it. When I got to the door I opened it up and Wiz Khalifa was standing there greeting me with a smile. I was shocked to say the least because wiz was by far my favorite rapper and someone who I have followed and listened to for a while now. I immediately invited him in and he accepted I asked him why he was there and he said because I know you’re a big fan and I’m just trying to chill. I had to tell all of my friends about this so me and wiz rolled up to Dominic’s house to pick him up on the way I called him and said you have no idea who I’m bringing to come pick you up right now. When we got there me and wiz walked up to the door and surprised Dominic, he was completely shocked just as I was and had a big smile on his face. Wiz asked him if he wanted to roll with us and of course he said yes. Next we went to pick up my friend nick. He was just as big of a fan of Wiz as me and Dominic were so we knew he would be happy too. We got to his house and did the same thing when we picked up Dominic. Soon all three of us were rolling around with our idol. We decided to hit the mall with him because we knew it would be a big thing if we were walking around with him. We got to the mall we were all feeling really good and excited. As soon as we stepped into the mall people were all around us asking for autographs and pictures so we accepted and did all that. Pretty soon we had to have security guards around us at all times because we were getting mobbed. We shopped around for a while, we would walk into a store wiz would ask us if we wanted something and he’d buy it for us. It was like we had all died and gone to heaven. After the mall we decided to hop on a plane and head to Los Angeles where wiz said he had some things planned for us. So we dropped all our plans for the next week and went on vacation. When we arrived in California we had a limo pick us up and bring us to the studio where wiz recorded. When we got there we met Big Sean Mac Miller and the rest of Taylor gang. We all chilled hung out and talked about everyday things for a while, it seemed like we had been part of the group for a while. At night they took us out to all the hottest places to party and have fun. We didn’t get any sleep but we didn’t care. We were living our lives like a rock star which is everything we had ever dreamed of. Everything was free and there was plenty of it to go around. We would drive around in the nicest cars and not have to wait in line for anything. Other than the lifestyle that we were living we had so much fun just hanging out with Mac Wiz and the rest of Taylor gang, they made us feel like family. After hanging out with them for about a week they decided that since we were so much fun they were going to allow us to be a part of Taylor gang and live this lifestyle all the time. Dominic Nick and I all looked at each other and didn’t even have to think this was exactly what we wanted to we quickly said yes. They congratulated us with handshakes and also wiz took out a box with three new diamond chains in it which meant we were a part of the group. We had finally made it and we didn’t even have to do anything, this lifestyle was just given to us after all that had happened I suddenly started hearing a constant beeping noise in my head. I asked Dominic or nick if they heard it too but they said they didn’t. I thought I was losing my mind when I realized that familiar sound. It was my alarm clock going off. It was time for me to go to school and everything that had just happened was all a dream. We were stuck back in our normal lives doing everyday normal things. It was a great dream and I know one day that it will come true maybe not exactly like that but we will be living like rock stars one day.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sci Fi Story

Sci Fi Story
Stu Daly
        It started off just as any other day had in the summer of 2011 which usually consisted of waking up around noon lying in bed watching sports center for an hour then decide to get up and find something to do. I call my best friend nick Dolan to see what he’s doing; we usually would go over to his house because there is more to do there. So then I call my other friend Dominic and tell him I’m going to pick him up on my way to Dolans so he better be ready. Once we all get to Dolans we do the usual and just all chill together but today is different, very different. We start out playing some call of duty like usual but then we get bored after a while and decide to go out for a walk. It was just starting to get dark around this time so it was the perfect time to go. We got some sweatshirts on and started walking. We had no plans or any idea where to go but we just felt like walking so we were going to go wherever our legs took us. We start walking down a major road not seeing much to do so we split off into a neighborhood. We start to walk through a normal suburban neighborhood while it’s getting dark. We had been walking for a while and were starting to get tired so we saw a park up ahead that we were going to rest at for a while. We get up to the park and sit down and start talking about the weird things we usually talk about. We sat there for about 20 minutes so it was pretty dark at this time but we didn’t want to head home quite yet because we were still having fun and it was better than playing video games.
So we set off on an adventure that changed our lives. We started to walk around the outside of the park and soon found a small path into the woods that we decided to take. I was in the lead with Dolan and Dominic right behind me. We began to get deeper and deeper into the woods where none of us had ever been before. Before long we can upon this awkward looking opening in the middle of the forest. We all stopped and looked at each other and decided to explore. We all look around for a while with just the light of our phones. All of a sudden I come upon this weird looking vault that looks buried in the ground and quickly tell Dominic and Dolan to come check it out. We all stood above the vault for about 5 minutes deciding what to do. After thinking about it we all decided that were going to open it up and see what’s inside so we all turn the handle and open it with all our strength. Once we get it open we look in and see nothing but a dark hole so we all stop again and wonder if we should continue. By this time I was eager to see what was in there so I was ready to go. I took the lead and started walking into the vault with little light. We walked a while into the vault when we heard to door slam behind us. We all started to panic and freak out but I calmed them down assuring them we would be able to get out so we kept going deeper into the vault. We got to what looked like the end of the long dark hallway and we all stopped. We stood there not knowing what to do when suddenly the ground fell from beneath us and we fell down into this machine. The lid closed and something happened that I wasn’t able to explain but as soon as it happened it was over and the lid opened again. We all looked at each other with a puzzled looks on our faces. We didn’t feel any different or look any different but we were still afraid of the vault being locked so we got out of this machine and went back to the opening. The door was closed but there was a handle on the inside that let us all out. When we got outside everything looked the same way it had when we went in so we didn’t think much of it. It was getting pretty late so we all decided we’d go back to Dolans to sleep. We start to walk out of the park and get closer to some main roads and begin to realize that there are no cars on the road. We look at our phones and it was still only 11:30 at night on a Saturday so there should have been cars on the road. We began to worry that something had happened. We got back to Dolans and realized that no one was at his house, now we really started to worry. So we get in my car and drive to my house, we still didn’t see a car on the road. When we got to my house we all went in and no one was there. We took out our phones and tried to call everyone we knew but no one would answer. At this point we thought there is no way we could be the only ones around where is everyone? So we continued to drive around looking for people but there was no one to be found. It looked like everyone had just disappeared and left us the world just how it was. We all looked at each other and thought could this really be happening? We have the whole world to ourselves? It was sort of a bitter sweet moment because we had lost all our family and our loved ones but we still had each other and the world to ourselves. We started planning out some of the first things that we were going to do. We didn’t need money or anything anymore everything in the world now belonged to us. The first thing we wanted to do was get the fastest cars as we could and joy ride them around so we took my car to the dealership and got in some brand new corvettes. Next we wanted to get out of Minnesota and go somewhere warmer but we couldn’t fly because none of us knew how to fly a plane so we had to drive. We hit the road stopping anywhere we wanted; it was one of the greatest feelings in the world. We decided our destination would be California, because it wasn’t as far as Florida and it was still a fun place to be, plus we could stop by Las Vegas on the way. We would drive for most of the day and sleep wherever we wanted at night we usually tried to find the nicest hotel or house to sleep in. Everything in the stores was ours so we had unlimited food and anything else we needed. We were having the times of our lives living in this party world, the world was our playground and we were like little kids eager to get out and play.
We finally arrived in Las Vegas it was about 10 o’clock pm and all the lights were still on. I had to idea of getting crotch rockets to drive around the city. It was faster than cars and way more fun. All the guys agreed with me instantly so we searched for some fast motorcycles. After that we explored around the whole city of Vegas it, I saw some things that I will never forget. we were having a great time but we all started to miss our families, we knew that it was just us now so we had to be a close family so we had a toast to sticking together forever no matter what to make sure that we all lived the best life possible now that it was just us three left. We also wanted to search for more people to save the earth and the human race. But we were going to have fun while we did it so we continued to trash Las Vegas and after that night we kept living our lives happy with no regrets.

feedback on creative writing

I thought this class was very informational and I learned a lot. I'm not much of a writer so I was kind of nervous when I saw this class on my schedule but when the class got started I realized I would be just fine. This class gave me another look on writing by doing the daily journals. I wasn't used to writing everyday but I began to enjoy it.

The one thing that I disliked about the class is that it got repetitive, we would have the same schedule and do the same thing almost everyday, if we mixed up the schedule of the class I think it would be a lot more interesting. Also I think we spent too much time on the poetry unit, I felt like I was taking just a poetry class for over half the quarter. Other than that I enjoyed the writing we did in this class and I learned a lot from it

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

daily journal

If I had to open a restaurant it would be a lot like McDonald's because they seem to do pretty well. It would be a fast food restaurant with a lot of different kinds of food to eat. There would be anything you want and the service would be really fast. I think I would call it McDaly's because that's the best thing I could think of. There would be more of them than McDonald's and it would take over the whole fast food industry. People would love to go to McDaly's to get there favorite foods to eat. Every one of the stores would be open 24/7 for the night owls. The food would always be fresh and Delicious to keep people coming back for more. It would be designed with the future in mind with computerized ordering systems and super power ovens stoves and friers. It would be the best restaurant ever. The end

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

daily journal

Over spring break I went to Florida and played a lot of baseball. we had at least 2 practices or 2 games everyday so my body got really sore. It felt like we played baseball every second of everyday but it was fun to be with my team and have good times. We stayed in St. Petersburg Florida at a nice hotel on the beach called the dolphin beach resort. Even though we didn't spend much time at the hotel it was a nice place to stay. On Tuesday the second day we were there we had a practice in the morning then went to a twins spring training game against the pirates which was a fun time. We would eat breakfast and dinner everyday at eckerd college which was right down the street from our hotel so we got a lot of good food for cheap. Overall the trip was really fun and let our team bond in a lot of ways. Being a senior it was my last trip to Florida and i definitely made the most of it. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

idea for science fiction story

My story is going to be based off me and my friends being stuck in a time capsule for 100 years and when we get out the world is the same way as we remember it but there is no one on the planet. we have the whole world to do whatever we want with and have fun.

daily journal

One day I went to buy a new car. as I pulled into the dealership with my old boring car I set my eyes on this very special and unique automobile it was a shoe on wheels. I had never seen anything like this before so I had to have it. I went up to the first car sales person I saw and demanded a test drive. Instantly when I got in the shoe/car I fell in love with it. it was unlike anything I had ever been in control of before. As we took it out for a test drive we got many weird looks and I kind of like the attention it brought to me. It wasn't very fast and it didn't have great handling but I didn't care this was the car for me. When we got back to the dealership I signed the papers and it was mine. I spent the rest of that day going and picking up my friends cruising through town getting weird looks from everyone we passed it was the most fun I've had in a while and I will continue to drive my shoe car until it dies.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily journal

I woke up dazed and confused. not knowing where I was. I felt a rocking and swaying and looked around, I saw men dressed in weird outfits holding guns and I finally realized that I was tied up on a pirate ship. When they realized that I had woken up they same over to me and started asking me all these questions but I couldn't understand what they were saying as quickly as I had woken up they already had me untied and face to face with the captain I was so nervous and scared so I didn't know what to say. So the captain said something crazy and the other pirates walked me over to the side of the boat and onto the plank and told me to jump. I had no other choice either I jumped or got shot so I decided to jump.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daily journal

this old man caught this big bunny and kept it as a pet. he named it Wilbur because he had always wanted a pet rabbit named Wilbur. he lived alone so he didn't have much to look forward to so he wanted to keep this bunny as a pet so he could be close to something. they became best friends and would even sleep together. eventually Wilbur became this old mans only friend and they would do everything together. until one day they both suddenly died in their sleep. the end

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily journal

One day the pink power ranger was in battle with the rest of the rest of the power rangers trying to defeat the evil monster. They battled for hours on end to try to defeat this monster and finally they all teamed up and joined to make one big killing machine to defeat the monster but there was a problem the pink ranger had lost her megatron sword so she couldn't be apart of the battle! They had to do it without her so they all teamed up and destroyed the monster but the pink power ranger still could not find her megatron sword so she looked for it for days and still was not sure where it was. The next day she looked on eBay just because she was curious and there it was her real megatron sword but the guy that was selling it wanted a million dollars for it, which the pink power ranger did not have so her and the rest of the power rangers hunted the guy down and battled him for the sword. The only problem was that he was using the megatron sword so he had a huge advantage but he was no match for the power rangers they were a lot stronger and united so they killed the guy and got the pink power rangers megatron sword back and they were back to fighting bad guys the next day.